You can’t out-earn bad financial decisions!

Managing your blessings is your personal responsibility. It’s time to get good at it. If you’re like 78% of Americans you’re broke and you’re feeling stuck. Or, you may not even know that there’s an issue until something happens, like missing a week or two of work. Nonetheless, we’re here to better your financial life by walking with you through biblical money principles!

You don’t have to be rich or have ridiculous amounts of income to have a financially secure life. Simply following Biblical financial ideas, found all through out God’s instructions, prophets and apostles, (the Bible) will ensure this.

Our goal is to stay as close as possible to Biblical practices at all times, in all things. We do not teach any kind of ‘prosperity gospel’. Our educational material is about implementing better financial habits and discipline, as well as making all around wise financial decisions to brighten your future and strengthen your legacy.

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