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Spending a lot of time on these websites and their material is highly recommended!

Dr. David Jockers
Dr. Josh Axe

Bible Research Tools

Our top 8 recommended fellowship YouTube channels

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Our top 3 recommended fellowship webpages

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Recommended documentaries

Patterns of Evidence
The Way
Exploring Arabia’s Sinai

Recommended fellowship video playlists

The Way Biblical Fellowship Torah Study 1
The Way Biblical Fellowship Torah Study 2
Virtual House Church Torah Study 1
Virtual House Church Torah Study  2
Butchered Doctrine
The Pauline Paradox
Answering Atheists
The Real Mt. Sinai
Biblical Discoveries
Genesis Revelation
Trinity On Trial
When Does A Day Start

Recommended YouTube videos

Grafted In 
Truth Or Tradition
Lost Sheep
The Error of Dispensationalism
Nailed To The Cross
Identity Crisis
The Truth About Heaven and Eternal Life
The Truth About Life After Death

Fellowship Finder

This map is from 119 ministries and is to help you find Messiah Following Torah Observant believers in your area.